Equinox flier res96The Equinox

The Equinox occurs twice each year when the duration of day and night are virtually equal. In 2016, the first Equinox falls on 20 March. In the northern hemisphere the Equinox is the beginning of spring, a time to dance, to celebrate earthly rebirth with symbols of fertility and renewal, a time to be frisky! In the south, it is the beginning of Autumn, a time to contemplate the changing of the seasons, to accept that all things must rest.

Music from 17C Europe and 21C Australia: Hume, Byrd, Morley, Dowland, Edwards, Kats-Chernin and premiere of Reza Barati by Brooke Green. Celebrating 400 years since Dirk Hartog’s Dutch expedition landed in Australia: the first in our exploration of Schenck’s Sonatas for 2 bass viols: The Nymph of The Rhine

This is a small venue. Beware, we might sell out. But ne’er fear, you can purchase tickets here