2021 Concerts

Musicke in These Plagal Tymes (with Suite Relief)

Sunday 28 November, 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Josie Ryan (soprano), Brooke Green (dir., viol), Daniel Yeadon, Fiona Ziegler, Catherine Upex, Anthea Cottee (viols), Simon Martyn-Ellis (lute, theorbo)

Guest artists: Belinda Montgomery, Susannah Lawergren, Hester Wright (sopranos) Greg Dobbs (plague doctor)

Nuremberg Chronicles: Dance of Death

In 16th and 17th century Europe, isolation measures were strictly enforced as society struggled to protect itself from the ravages of plague. Courts left the cities, theatres and music-houses were closed and even outdoor singing was banned. We present plague-themed music of these times: a broadside ballad, a prayer of thanksgiving by John Thorne, and a high-art lament about the pain of solitude by Monteverdi. We honour three composers who died of the plague: Jacob Obrecht, Alessandro Grandi and Robert White. According to medical practitioners of this era, excessive melancholy could create an overabundance of black bile and leave one susceptible to illnesses such as plague. So it was important to enjoy music that lifts the spirits and promotes red blood. One of our antidotes is a beautiful Fantasia-Suite by William Lawes and as always, contemporary music by Brooke Green.

St Cecilia 2021 Glebe Music Festival

St John’s Church, 138a Glebe Point Road, Glebe

Tickets are free but bookings are advised as we will be following current Covid-safe protocols. Please consider giving a donation to help cover concert costs.

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This concert has sold out but you can watch the webstream live or after the event

If Love is a Sweet Passion

Monday 14 June, 7:30pm for 7:40pm

Simon Martyn-Ellis, Laura Vaughan, Brooke Green, Catherine Upex, Daniel Yeadon, Josie Ryan, Fiona Ziegler

Henry Purcell, Claudio Monteverdi, Tobias Hume, Brooke Green

Josie Ryan, soprano

Laura Vaughan, guest artist, bass viol

Daniel Yeadon, guest artist, bass viol

Brooke Green, director, treble viol

Fiona Ziegler, Catherine Upex, tenor viols

Simon Martyn-Ellis, lute, theorbo

Turramurra Uniting Church, 10 Turramurra Ave, Turramurra

Killara Music Club Tickets $25, students: $5

George Gower, 1588: Elizabeth I (The Amada Portrait)

Elizabethan Gems

Saturday 1 May, 4pm

Music for Elizabeth I with contemporary sparkles

John Dowland, Orlando Gibbons, Madelena Casulana, Brooke Green (two premieres), William Ayton

Josie Ryan, soprano

Brooke Green, director, treble viol

Fiona Ziegler, tenor viol, Catherine Upex, bass viol

St Mary’s Anglican Church, 85 Darling St, East Balmain

Tickets at door and in advance

Dress for the occasion: come along festooned in your flashiest gems!