Videos: music by Brooke Green

Le Miroir a La Licorne

Laura Vaughan, Brooke Green, Josie Ryan, Glebe Music Festival, Nov. 2018

Spears (Emerald Elixirs)

Josie Ryan, Brooke Green, Laura Vaughan, Daniel Yeadon, Richard Boothby, Catherine Upex, April, 2019. Text: Dorothy Porter: The Bee Hut (2009)

Summer, Shards and Sharks

Voices from the Margins, Josie and the Emeralds and The Night Watch, 5 July 2019, Wellington, New Zealand

Reza Barati (d.2014)

In 2014, during the so-called “riots” at the Manus Island Detention Centre, Reza Barati, a 23 year-old Iranian asylum seeker was murdered by a guard and a Salvation Army worker.

Hamed Shamshiripour (d.2017)

Hamed Shamshiripour asked four times to be released from Manus Island and to return to his home country of Iran. These are his last words.


10 year old Batoh is one of the 128 refugee children on Nauru, whose plight was exposed on the Four Corners program Forgotten Children, October 17, 2016.  This remix of “The Rain Puzzle” by Elena Kats-Chernin is conceived as a musical gift to Batoh and the refugees suffering under Australia’s “Pacific Solution” policy.

Cock-a-hoop (In Nomine No.1)

“To allow the liquor to flow liberally”


Shamim is one of the 128 refugee children on Nauru, whose plight was exposed on the Four Corners program Forgotten Children, October 17, 2016.Shamim, 17, speaks five languages and has spent more than three years there. When she arrived she was recognised by teachers and social workers as “happy, bubbly…a star student, ambitious, very focussed on the future.” She studied hard and had an ambition to become a doctor. After the refugee school was closed and the refugee students were unable to go to Nauru College because of the discrimination and violence against them, Shamim’s mental and physical health has seriously declined. The Department of Immigration has denied her access to Australia for medical attention and staff are very worried about her health. Shamim was written as a gift to Shamim but it is also intended for all the children and refugees on Nauru. It ends with a gesture of hope as the pitch of the music ascends.

Midsummer Love

When The Queen of the Fairies falls in love with Bottom, he awakes…

Perfumed with Blood

The Snow Line (Emerald Elixirs)

Smelling Tigers (Emerald Elixirs)

3 thoughts on “Videos: music by Brooke Green”

  1. It’s funny how 4 violas sometimes remind me of the sound of … a beautiful acordeon!. Thanks for putting up these wonderful pieces. What is the location of recording 2 and 3? It looks very interesting.

  2. Josie Ryan said:

    2 and 3 are recorded at St Luke’s Church in Mosman.

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