Videos: music by Brooke Green

Brooke Green: Spears (Emerald Elixirs)

Brooke Green: Midsummer Love

Brooke Green: Reza Barati

Brooke Green: Perfumed with Blood

Brooke Green:The Snow Line

(Emerald Elixirs)

Brooke Green: Smelling Tigers

(Emerald Elixirs)

3 thoughts on “Videos: music by Brooke Green”

  1. It’s funny how 4 violas sometimes remind me of the sound of … a beautiful acordeon!. Thanks for putting up these wonderful pieces. What is the location of recording 2 and 3? It looks very interesting.

  2. Josie Ryan said:

    2 and 3 are recorded at St Luke’s Church in Mosman.

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