Our next concert delves deeply into the music of the mercurial Mr Gibbons: at times melancholy, contemplative, serene, beautiful and always dramatic. The six-part Fantasias for viols are masterpieces of the genre and we’re performing all of them. Our fabulous soprano Josie Ryan will be featured in some of his Motets and Madrigals for Voices and Viols, to mark the 400th anniversary of their publication. These include “The Silver Swan,” Walter Raleigh’s “What is our Life?” and John Donne’s “Ah, dear heart,why do you rise?”

The second half the concert features contemporary works by Australian composers including Elena Kats-Chernin and new works by Brooke Green.

Sunday 18 November, 3pm

St Scholastica’s Chapel,

Arcadia Rd, Glebe

(Tickets $30 at the door or $20 concessions and early bird – for early bird phone 0422-334-054 or book up to and including 17thNovember).



Check out our Audio Page for live recordings from our recent programme “The Queen’s Pleasure.”