Sink into the deepest, darkest cave of melancholy with John Dowland.

Rail against the patriarchy with William Byrd’s Susanna. 

Uplift your soul in radiant praise of The Vergene Bella with Guillaume Dufay.

Josie Ryan, Soprano, and the Emerald City Viols


Josie and the Emeralds

Josie and the Emeralds are Josie Ryan soprano and The Emerald City Viols. Based in Sydney, Australia, the group performs rarely heard works from the Renaissance along with the occasional foray into contemporary music including arrangements and compositions by their director, Brooke Green. Brooke is also interested in exploring connections between music and visual art and hence created a programme for the National Gallery of Australia: “Music and Painting of the Italian Renaissance” with simultaneous showing of art and its related music.

Since mid 2011, Josie and the Emeralds have presented concerts in Sydney and Canberra, Manly Arts and Sydney Fringe Festivals and in 2011 and 2012, at the Glebe Music Festival.  They have been critically acclaimed for performing “…adoringly: not merely with precision and finesse, but a palpable and abiding admiration….The viols wrap around each other as lovers, entwined in a sensual dance of melody and meter.” (Brad Syke, Australian Stage 08/01/2013). Their recordings have been broadcast on ABC Classic FM.


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